This custom backsplash seen in the above photo is 1″ x 2″ tumbled slate in a brick pattern. The custom inlay was cut out by hand and then pieced in with a pinwheel pattern which added a very unique look.

The design in this area directly behind the sink was all pieced together by hand. There are four different tile types and sizes of this same tumbled slate and the design was put together by our team here at Fulton Tile and Stone. Very custom look!

This walk-in shower has a very unique feel and look to it. Using ceramic tile with the look of natural stone, there are many colors and textures that are very aesthetically pleasing. This shower was custom fitted with a granite window sill, granite seat tops, as well as the granite shower curb and vanity tops.

This is the vanity top from the bathroom shown in the previous picture. It really shows off the color and character of the granite itself. Granite can be used in so many ways in a new bathroom or shower remodel, not only adding a beautiful and natural look, but adding value to your home as well.

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